We are Slender Fungus.

Slender Fungus is a multimedia design company that has been working in the entertainment arena, and music in particular, since 1998. Your intern that does it for you now probably wasn’t even born yet. We consult. We design. We create.

So what is it you do again?

We consult. We design. We create. We build. eBooks. Websites. Hosting and streaming solutions. E-Commerce. Social network sites. Mailing lists. Want to market but be cool about it? We do that. We connect them, we interplay them, we relate them. Album art. Print work. Tour books, e- or print. Photography. Merchandise design. Audio. Video. Lyric videos. Conceptual videos. Animations. Games. Apps. Whatever you need or don’t even know you need, we can do. And those things you think you need? We can tell you if you don’t actually need them. We will work with you from concept development and design through production (2D/3D graphic design, 2D/3D animation, sound and video digitization and editing, programming, scripting) to deployment, including promotion. One stop shop. Pick and choose what you want us for or be smart and use us for all of it.

Is it true you used to be corporate drones?

Shut your mouth. Yes, it’s true. Prior to forming Slender Fungus, we worked for some of the largest (overhead) developers in the field. In fact, we were leads on projects for AT&T, Disney, MGM, Warner Brothers, A&M Records, Miramax, Mattel Media and Doritos. Although we learned a great deal about design, clients and building great sites, we also learned that we just didn’t really fit the corporate mold. Struggling to find our own niche, we moved to London in early 1998 to open a European branch office for “the big company.” This turned out to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – it was time to take the leap and be creative for ourselves. We made some contacts, packed up, and moved to Venice, California. One trip to Ikea later, Slender Fungus was born. Web designers of the world, unite and take over. The music industry has crashed and burned, as have almost all of the companies we worked for prior. But we’re still standing.

Where did you get the name Slender Fungus?

We had a different first choice, but our lawyers told us someone had already used Microsoft. And Mike Rowe Soft. Too bad really, we thought it would be a big hit. We wanted something that would scare away large financial institutions, and really confuse the hell out of accounting departments at large corporations when they cut us checks. Judging from some of the mail (and checks) we’ve received, we succeeded. Oh yeah.. an answer. It’s Brian’s favorite Tones on Tail song. Go buy it. It’s only .99 for christ’s sake. Or just listen here:

Do you work for really famous people like Lindsay Lohan?

We can’t disclose the list of top-level B and C celebrities we’re currently in negotiation with, but we’ll drop you a little hint… “Sex Tapes.” Call us, Kardashians! Our current client list is all over this new fangled website so just look around.

Can we hire you?

Sure! Open your minds (and wallets), send us an email at info@slenderfungus.com, call us (310.990.5136) or use that convenient Contact button we put on the nav bar, and let’s talk.

Are you ever serious?

WYSIWYG. Usually only in initial meetings, when we’re trying to impress you. After that, we really enjoy our work and have fun doing it. We try to make YOU have fun working with us as well. Oh, we can get a little ornery when payments are late. Consider that fair warning. The phrases “do us a solid?” or “do us a favor?” We’ve heard them a few too many times.

Can I see a big list of buzzwords so I can impress my boss and get them to hire you?

No. If that’s what you need to hire us, you never will. We know what we’re doing. Don’t waste our time or yours.

Are there nasty pictures on this site?

Maybe. Look hard. Nah, we just threw that in there to screw up search engines. Nasty XXX girl action! How’d you end up here anyway, perv?

Will you give up your company and come work for us fulltime?

Is this Charlie Sheen? Unless the starting salary has more zeros than a Star Trek convention, probably not. But hey. You got that kinda money, doesn’t hurt to ask right?

What do you consider absolutely essential to your work?

Patience. Lots and lots of patience. Really fast and expensive computers (Mac and PC), really good software, a decent connection, a lot of tablets and smart phones, Spotify and lots and lots of coffee. Comfy chairs. And “under-employed” friends to have lunch with so we don’t start to go crazy from isolation.

Are you hiring?

Not really, but if you’re local, know what you’re doing, and don’t mind picking up some side work from time to time we’re always looking for talented people that we can call on.